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If you are a Managed Service Provider looking to build a successful Windows Virtual Desktop practice, you’re in the right place.




Partnerd Program Benefits 

Tiered Partner Levels

Achieve better benefits, including discounted pricing, free Nerdio certifications, and an all-expense paid trip to NerdioCon as you add more customers and move up in Partnerd tiers.

Sales & Marketing  

Access exclusive white-labeled content, up-to-date product demo videos, e-guides and whitepapers, and monthly partner webinars. 

Training & Guidance

Gain access to Nerdio’s GoLive Engineering team and earn monthly training sessions with Nerdio leadership.

Lets Get Started

Let's Get Started

"IT is messy and complicated. Having partners that understand that your client responsibilities are also their responsibilities is essential. You’re going to get the support on the back-end and that is what makes Nerdio stand out."

Patrick Layton, VP of Managed IT Services

Impact Networking

“From my perspective, Nerdio is the best partner today of all companies I partner with. If we have questions, they answer. If we have feedback, we see it implemented. It’s a delight to work with them.”

Bruno Lecoq, CEO


“One thing you can expect from Nerdio is a quality product that’s easy to use and a company that is quite willing to help you grow and provide the support you need. If you’re looking to move to Azure, take a serious look at Nerdio and what they can do for you.”

Brian VanHeyst, Owner

MicroAge Manitoba